Switch on your imagination

The MK Elements Collection is a revolutionary range of stylish electrical sockets, contemporary light switches and dimmers. The perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality, this collection from MK Electric is beautifully simple…and simply beautiful.

Since railways started to spread across Europe in the middle of the 19th century, beautiful railway stations have been built to inspire passengers and to act as statements of success for their cities. Often serving as time-honoured focal points for their communities, the evolving and increasing needs of the commuting and travelling public have left many stations struggling to be fit for 21st-century purpose.

In recent years, huge projects have been undertaken to transform and modernise stations across the continent. And while some have been complete ground-up rebuilds that have fully embraced modern design and architecture, others have incorporated new creations in juxtaposition with the original buildings and backdrops with some truly stunning results. In this blog, we celebrate four of the most awesome blends of old and new.

Download the MK Elements Design Tool to your tablet or PC and you can create your own Elements designs.

Articles, features, hints and tips – everything you need for inspiration and to provide the perfect finishing touches to your projects.


Switch on to style

The elegant MK Elements range comes in 16 standard finishes across four material groups and includes sleek light switches, electrical sockets and touch control dimmers.

Innovative, iconic and inspiring, we’re particularly proud of the electronic switches and dimmers, whose intuitive finger-tip controls and graceful LED displays are crying out to be touched.


Switch on to quality

As well as timeless sophistication and extensive choice and versatility, each meticulously designed Elements product features the same superior standards and premium performance.

With over 90 years of experience and expertise, MK’s unrivalled reputation for manufacturing excellence means every electrical accessory offers the ultimate in reliability and safety.


Switch on to unlimited flexibility

Our bespoke design service means we can create tailor-made electrical accessories to any requirement. So if you can imagine it, MK can make it.

Download the MK Elements Design Tool to your tablet or PC and you can create your own Elements designs. Register and you can access additional functionality including; saving your designs in your own ‘My Designs’ folder, creating project shopping lists, requesting quotes and samples, saving images of bespoke and standard products.