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23rd February, 2017

Stairway to heaven: steps with style and substance

In interior design and architecture, it’s easy to overlook the possibilities that staircases offer in helping to turn good creations into great ones. Far from being a simple means of getting from one area to another at a different height, they can be gateways that welcome people into new surroundings, bridges between otherwise disparate elements of design or multi-functional tools to aid modern living.

Here, we’ll highlight some superb examples of staircases from around the world that not only stand out from the crowd in their design, but also serve practical purposes for the people using them – the perfect combination of form and function.

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17th February, 2017


Since people began stacking stones on top of each other to create recognisable structures, architects have shaped our world and created influences that have endured. To try to pinpoint the most influential architects of all time is well-nigh impossible – particularly from today’s perspective as we see our built environment becoming ever more dramatic – but there are names that stand out as having a major impact on the shape of the world we live in.

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9th February, 2017

Four Myths About Prefabricated Homes Busted

For many people, there’s still a certain stigma attached to the idea of prefabricated housing. The pressing need for plentiful housing in the aftermath of the Second World War led to a surge in popularity for prefabs on both sides of the Atlantic, but cheap boxy dwellings made of metal and cement were generally of poor quality and often looked just as bad. This reputation is one that the prefab industry has struggled to shake off in the intervening decades.

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1st February, 2017

Designing a sustainable future

You don’t have to be an eco-warrior to know that current and future building design strategies have to focus on sustainable development. The world has a growing population putting pressure on already declining natural resources, so any decisions we make about our built environment need to factor in the impact of climate change.

Sustainability has added a new aspect to the architect’s brief and brings the use of energy to the forefront. It’s not a case of designing a building and then looking at ways that its use of energy can be minimised – quite the opposite. The optimum use of energy has become a key driver of design.

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27th January, 2017

Graylingwell Park: building carbon neutral homes

Thinking outside the carbon-neutral box: design that helps the environment

Buildings can surprise in their capability to swallow up huge amounts of non-renewable resources that are harmful to the environment.

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