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1st June, 2017

Waterworld: Fine Living In Floating Homes

As space becomes scarcer and more expensive across the major cities of the world, people wanting to create spacious and comfortable urban living spaces are thinking laterally to break out of the shoebox city-centre apartment mould. In recent years, there’s been a surge of interest in homes that float on rivers or in harbours, and far from the old-fashioned image of cramped canal barges or motorboats, these homes are rapidly becoming larger, more luxurious and more attractive in their design. This blog looks at the most innovative examples of dream homes on the water.

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25th May, 2017

Turning A New Leaf: Libraries For The 21st Century

We live in an era of universal online access to virtually every piece of information and knowledge you can think of. Because of this, the relevance and importance of the library in society has diminished, as people have moved away from travelling to an old building to read and find things out.

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19th May, 2017

Don’t Look Down! Buildings That Defy Gravity And Boggle The Mind

In the world of architecture, few things remain constant. Established rules and conventions are broken and bent time and time again to create original structures that grab people’s attention and stand out. One set of rules that cannot be circumvented however, is physics – but there’s plenty that architects and designers can do to create the illusion of cheating Sir Isaac Newton’s laws. This blog highlights four jaw-dropping examples of buildings that either look totally impossible, or look as if they’re going to topple over at any moment.

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10th May, 2017

Modern Wonders Of The World: Five Great Works Of Zaha Hadid

The late Dame Zaha Hadid was one of the great architects of modern times. In fact, she still is, given that a number of new projects which she designed have been completed since her untimely death in March of last year.

From ferry terminals to art museums and from Olympic swimming pools to ski jumps, over the last three decades Hadid’s love of curved structures and unusual angles have won praise and admirers from across the world. In this blog, we pay tribute to her genius by highlighting five of her works that truly stand out.

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4th May, 2017

Playtime with panache: design innovation for kids

Design and architectural style don’t always give due considerations to the younger members of our society. While the interiors and exteriors around us appeal to our adult senses of artistry and creativity, children often look at things from a very different perspective. There are plenty of buildings and designs, however, that take different approaches to grabbing the attention of young eyes and minds, and in this blog, we’ll look at the key areas where the creative thought process diverges from the norm.

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