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5th September, 2014

USB charging module K5837BLK with MK Elements front plate

Charging ahead with USB

Convenience is a gift bestowed by technology. It is readily offered by the smartphone, generously granted by the tablet, and amply provided by the digital camera. These labour saving devices have ushered in an age where convenience is no longer seen as a privilege, it is seen as a right.

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20th August, 2014

A Match Made in Style

When you jump on a bus or train to go home tonight, take a look around and you’ll notice that headphones are no longer just a device for listening to music. Today, they are funky fashion statements, labels, brands, available in an array of different colours and designed to fit your style. How the world has changed from simply accepting the bland, plain and dull electronics of yesteryear which were designed for the masses.

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1st August, 2014

Dragging the switch into the 21st century

If you watch the plethora of videos on YouTube that show toddlers swiping their finger across print magazines, confused when the page doesn’t automatically turn, you start to understand just how deeply the touch screen is being stitched into the fabric of our lives. To say that consumers expect electrical accessories to contain smart technology, while also looking chic and fitting into a room’s overall aesthetic is almost an understatement.

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17th July, 2014

What do Steve Jobs and lighting have in common?

It was once accepted wisdom that function would always trump form when consumers were faced with choosing between competing technology products. Then a small selection of consumer brands – most famously Apple, led by its late founder Steve Jobs and chief designer Sir Jonathan Ives – changed how consumers and companies approach, think and use technology.

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