Main features

Alongside the expertly recreated graceful wood patterns, Dark Wenge’s useful features include two-way dimming, user-friendly LED vapour trails and lights that return to the last setting when switched on.


Main products


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More Natural products


Frontplate Dark Wenge Real Wood Veneer
Frame Pantone 9 Polycarbonate
Rocker Pantone 9 Polycarbonate
Insert Pantone 9 Polycarbonate
Locator Lens Clear N/A
Window Pantone 9 N/A
Window Tint White N/A
Product type:
Electronic Dimmer
Standards and approvals:
All Elements dimmers are CE marked and comply with the relevant standards.
Mains supply voltage:
230V a.c. (Nominal) +/- 10%
Mains supply frequency:
47% - 63 Hz
Operating temperature:
–5°C to +40°C
IP rating:
Max installation altitude:
2 000metres
Features and benefits:
• 16 standard finishes
• 100s more options in the ‘Naturals’ collection
• 1000s more options in the ‘Synthetics’ and ‘Glass Effect’ collections
• Many more ‘Metallics’ options available
• Design service for custom materials and finishes
• LED compatible
• Stand by light to ease location
• Leading edge and trailing edge versions available
• Vapour trail follows the users finger to indicate the power level
• When switched on lights return to last setting
• Soft start and off – Superior user experience, prolongs lamp life
• 2 way dimming available
• Intelligent overload protection
• Patent Pending